1 Yield of forest product Log production summary.
  • Total Log Production YTD 76,968m3.
2 Growth rates Summary of reassessment of PSP’s since establishment
  • Two (2) PSP established under scientific collaboration between Kapit FMU and Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) has re-assessed and data analysis was done based on data collected from 2017 to 2019.

a) Periodic Annual Increment (PAI)

Overall- 0.47cm/year

Dipterocarp- 0.53cm/year

Non Dipterocarp- 0.40cm/year

b) Mortality Rate for 2 years

Overall- 4.99%

Dipterocarp- 3.85%

Non Dipterocarp- 10.99%

c) Forest Regeneration

Average density of seedlings and saplings were 15,000 stems/ha for Dipterocarps and 42,100 stems/ha for Non-Dipterocarps.

3 Forest regeneration Species composition and no. of sapling recorded


4 Forest Condition Diameter distribution and forest quality
5 Composition of Flora and Fauna List of flora and fauna found in FMU



  • Analysis conducted based on pre-harvest inventory in Coupe 01 AR and Coupe 02 AR.  Total area assessed 9,219 ha.
  • 55% of enumerated stand are from Dipterocarpaceae.


  • Eight (8) studies on wildlife had been conducted from 2016-2019 through collboration with UNIMAS, High Conservation Value (HCV) Assessment, monitoring of salt lick and wildlife survey by FMU.
  • As of 2019, Kapit FMU has  identified 40 species of mammals. Most common mammals detected are long-tailed porcupine, red muntjac, sambar deer, sun bear and etc.
  • Four (4) studies related to birds was conducted since 2016-2019 and has recorded 36 species of birds. Most commonly reported and sighted bird species are bushy-crested hornbill and rhinocerus hornbill.
6 Changes in Flora and Fauna Number and abundance of species found in FMU and comparison between earlier and recent assessment Flora

  • Timber species composition assessed during pre-harvest inventory in coupe 01AR and Coupe 02AR.
  • There were slight difference in the composition of dipterocarp and non-dipterocarp (58% dip and 42% non-dip in coupe 01AR, 52% dip and 48% non-dip in coupe 2AR).


  • Currently, monitoring result on change of fauna composition cannot be captured until at least 2nd monitoring data has been collected.
7 Environmental Impacts of Forest Operation Harvesting Impact
  • To date, Kapit FMU has completed the assessment in Block 5, 39, 48, 50, 53 and 57 of Coupe 1.
  • Logging damage average for the 6 blocks is recorded at 31% of the total assessed trees in the assessment plots.
  • 52% of the alive stands has no damage recorded.
  • The highest logging damage type is severe trunk breakage at 36%, followed by minor crown damage at 18% and minor bark damage at 14%.
Environmental Compliance Audit (ECA)


  • One (1)  internal ECA had been conducted in November 2019 and passed the Environmental Compliance Audit Pilot Project with the achievement of 80 compliances (86.3%).
8 Social Impact of Forest Operation Evidence of FPIC and joint identification of special sites for native
  • Four (4) consultations have been conducted with local community in March, July, August and September of 2019 on the traditional knowledge.
Evidence of provision of SCR / Community services
  • YTD, the FMU spent RM22,515 for the donation of cement to longhouse, donation for Gawai celebration and etc.
Number of forest encroachment by local community
  • YTD, detected 2 encroachments from 5 patrolling conducted. Actions had been taken by reported to FDS & SFC and also conduct aerial monitoring.
Number of complaint, disputes and conflict encountered with directly affected native
  • 2019 YTD, no complaint, disputes and conflict encountered with directly affected native recorded.
Number of property damage
  • 2019 YTD, no property damage recorded.
9 Occupational Safety and Health Number of serious accident per annum
  • Recorded one (1) fatal accident. The incident was reported to DOSH Sibu through JKKP6 and representatives from Kapit FMU also attended a meeting held by DOSH Kuching on 13th Jan 2020.
  • Another two (2) serious accidents recorded and reported to DOSH through JKKP 6.
Number of minor accident per annum
  • Only 1 minor accidents recorded in 2019.
Number of near miss incident per annum
  • No near miss incident recorded.
10 Cost of forest management Harvesting cost per ha
  • Average cost of harvesting (felling and extraction) RM60/m3.
  • Administration / overhead cost per ha
  • Average cost of administration RM476.02/ha.
11 Productivity of forest management


Harvested area per annum
  • YTD, total 4,247 ha had been harvested.
12 Forest Protection Number of forest encroachment per annum.
  • YTD, detected 2 encroachments from 5 patrolling conducted. Actions had been taken by reported to FDS & SFC.
13 Efficiency of forest management Machine productivity by contractor (production / machine hour, production / machine / month)  

  • Excavator Wincher – 548 m3/unit/month
  • Tractor (Skidder) – 548 m3/unit/month
  • Logging truck – 661 m3/unit/month
Total harvesting cost per m3 delivered to log yard.
  • Average harvesting cost per m3 delivered to log pond is RM258/m3.
Cost of enrichment planting per ha
  • Average cost of enrichment planting RM1083.28/ha.
Cost of road maintenance per km.
  • Average cost of road maintenance RM2,397/km.

(updated by SFM 11 Aug 2020)