a) Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The EIA was conducted by appointed consultant based on the “Term of Reference” of EIA study for the Forest Management Plan in Respect of Kapit Forest Management Unit (FMU), Kapit Division, Sarawak – Minutes of Scoping Meeting“ (Ref:  (5) NREB/6-3/2F/90). The final EIA report has been approved by the NREB on 29th January 2018 with approval reference number (21)NREB/6-3/2F/90.

Kapit FMU committed to protect the environment through the implementation of mitigation measures to minimise risk and impacts of forest activities on pollution of watercourses, forest fire, carbon stock, climate change and conservation of biological diversity.

Environmental impacts may remain after mitigation measures have been implemented. Therefore, Kapit FMU has conducted series of monitoring such as monitoring of water quality, logging damages, soil erosion and sedimentation. In 2017, Kapit FMU has also participated in Pilot Project for Environmental audit organised by the Natural Resources and Environmental Board (NREB) , Sarawak and coordinated by Sarawak Timber Association (STA).

b) Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

As for SIA report, Kapit FMU has commissioned an independent consultant to conduct the social evaluation through consultation on the social impact of forest operations directly affecting the communities. The SIA report was completed in June 2017.

Two survey methods included the key informant’s interview and household survey was conducted. Based on the assessment, Kapit FMU and its adjacent area are currently inhabited by at least 55 communities living inside or at the fringe of the FMU or outside of FMU boundary.  Social impact has been identified and mitigation measures have been outlined to minimize or avoid any potential adverse impact. To ensure compliance with the mitigation measure, FMU will conduct compliance monitoring annually.