Kapit Forest Management Unit under T/3491 Tanjong Manis Holdings Sdn Bhd has submitted FMP addendum to Forest Department Sarawak via memo ref no SFM/MM/2023 (07) dated 13th Feb 2023 to incorporate the revision of General Harvesting Plan (GP) via WPO.600-3/1/1(19)Jld.2 dated 9th Dec 2022.

Summary of Approved Forest Management Plan (FMP) as per Chapter below:

Chapter 1: Background of Forest Management Area

Chapter 2: Forest Resource Base

Chapter 3: Management Plan Prescriptions

Chapter 4: Harvesting Plan

Chapter 5: Pre-harvest Activities

Chapter 6: Harvesting and Post-harvest Operation

Chapter 7: Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Chapter 8: Forest Research

Chapter 9: Silviculture, Forest Rehabilitation and Afforestation

Chapter 10: Wildlife Management

Chapter 11: Identification and Management of Protected Areas

Chapter 12: High Conservation Value (HCV)

Chapter 13: Community Relation and Workers Rights

Chapter 14: Occupational Safety and Health

Chapter 15: Forest Fire Management Plan

Chapter 16: Risk and Mitigation measures to Climate Change

Updated on 20 Apr 2023 by SFM Department