Timber harvest operations may affect wildlife, either through the degradation of the forest or the reduction of its populations. To mitigate these impacts, Kapit FMU aims to implement wildlife management plan to protect the wildlife habitat and other areas of importance to wildlife. The plan are:

  • Control of hunting through the implementation of DF 6/99: Wildlife Conservator
  • Control of access to FMU through of gate control where outsiders need to register at Security before enter to FMU.
  • Education and preventive measures – promote awareness to forest workers and local communities.
  • Identification and protection of fruit trees, nesting trees, feeding area and salt licks during Pre-harvest operation and the implementation of directional felling of RIL operation.
  • Appointment of Honorary Wildlife Ranger – to assist wildlife officer in conducting awareness programmes and monitoring of poaching activities.
  • Implementation of Guidelines to identify and protect Rare, Threatened and Endangered (RTE) species of flora and fauna – any sighting of RTE in FMU shall be recorded and reported.

Last updated on 27 Oct 2021