Principle 9 of the MC&I SFM requires forest areas to undertake assessments to identify areas of forest with High Conservation Value (HCV), such that they are maintained or enhanced (MTCC 2021). To meet this requirement, Kapit FMU has started the HCV assessment in accordance with the Malaysian National Interpretation for the Identification of High Conservation Values.

In 2024, the SFM undertook the review of the existing HCV report due to the revision of MC&I (Natural Forest) to MC&I SFM in 2021 to align with FMU HCV assessment, management and monitoring report with the Malaysian National Interpretation for the Management and Monitoring of High Conservation Value (HCV) 2021. This also incorporates seven years of HCV monitoring data in the HCV report. The updated HCV is summarised in the table below.

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Last updated on 5 May 2024