The management currently has committed to forest research projects related to forest growth, wildlife survey and community. These projects are;

Scientific Collaboration on The Identification and Monitoring of Endangered, Rare and Threatened Species and Their Habitats for Sustainable Forestry

The aim of the project is to determine the terrestrial species of conservation importance and identifying Endangered, Rare and Threatened species of terrestrial medium to large mammals that inhabit the natural forest of Kapit FMU which will be managed for sustainable timber production and the factors that possibly sustain and influence their distribution.  Fieldwork will be conducted at selected locations in the FMU during which animals will be recorded using camera traps (medium to large mammals).  At the same time, habitat characteristics and food resources will be recorded where possible.  The major outcome of this project will be new knowledge and baseline information on fauna found and dependency of the local community on wildlife and natural resources in the FMU, capacity building of Ta Ann’s group conservation staff and further capacity building of students with expertise in ecology and conservation and monitoring of high conservation value areas. The objectives of this project are;

  • Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of Wildlife in Salt lick Areas
  • Identification of Endangered, Rare and Threatened (RTE) Medium to Large Terrestrial Mammals and Their Spatial and Temporal Dynamics in Sustainably Managed Forest.
  • The Dependency of Local Community on Wildlife and Natural Resources

Establishment, monitoring and maintenance of Permanent Sample Plot (PSP) for FMU

In order to continuously monitor the forest stand and growth development over long periods, 31 SUs from FRA has been selected through Ranked Set Sampling (RSS) method and convert into PSP. Re-assessment of the PSP is to be carried out periodically on a 3-5 years interval.

Last updated on 5 May 2024